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Erasmus Mundus SMARTLINK scholarship as an option for scholarship in Europe for Indonesian

For Indonesian that looking europe scholarship, the Erasmus Mundus scholarship in Europe for Indonesian can be an option to apply. SMARTLINK project is an abbreviation of South East-West Mobility for Advanced Research, Learning, Innovation, Network, and Knowledge. This program is focused on foster international cooperation between the European Higher Education Institution in emerging Asian countries. The SMARTLINK cooperation cover to various disciplines with a strong focus in research and training in the field of smart technologies for applies areas such as governance, communication, energy management, transportation/logistics agricultural management, waste management, public health management, and education.

The duration for the program is different depends on the categories of the applicants and also the mobility of mobility scholarships.  For undergraduate/master degree level it comes from 4 months and mostly maximum ion 10 months. For doctorate level it mostly comes 10 months, some have 6 months to 27 months. for the post-doctorate, it takes 6 months to 10 months and for staffs take 1 month, some take 2/3 months. to apply for this program, the student should come from national of the third countries (ASEAN countries, including Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, and Indonesia). The applicants should have sufficient knowledge of the languages of the courses.

The scholarship covers the monthly subsistence as 1000 euros for undergraduate or master level, the 1500 euros for a doctorate, 1800 euros for post-doctoral, and 2500 for staffs. The scholarship also covers the university fee, flight fee (one return or two ways tickets from home country to host country) and reimbursement of visa cost, and also the health insurance during the mobility period. There is different admission available for the 3 categories target group. Check the detail information of the Erasmus mundus Smartlink program on the website.

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