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Understanding a Watch Winder First Before You Buy

The watch winder box is a device which been used to keep the automatic watch still running when not worn. You should know that the watch winder box cannot wind the automatic watch because all automatic watches were protected from having overwound by the mechanism which releasing the winding process when actually the main spring is completely wound as well. When using the timed-based watch winder is still essential to keep the excessive wear, then it does not necessary to keep your watch running in 24 hours when it only needs 30 minutes of motion to keep it working properly.

Why most watch winders are expensive?

You should know that watch winder sellers and manufacturers more emphasized on quality, design, and precision to spoil your watch properly as the main reason. This is actually the factor, however, when it explains most of the cost of these $70 to $20,000 devices. Another factor inside the cost is that this special device which been produced in the relatively low quantities as well. although the watch manufacturers keep their sales numbers, this is safe to guess that the sales will take around a few thousands of units each year. In this production level, they do not reach the mass production economies which make this item was sold in the multi-million units.

Here some types of watch winders boxes

Elegant – this wonder just goes beyond its functionality and offers you with a great exterior and shape. Usually, they are a sealed or enclosed box, these devices were often made from the wood or covered by high-quality leather. They just perfect to display in the table surface, but some of them are perfect to fit inside the drawer.

Functional – this winder will do their job by winding one or even more watches. Generally, these units will hold the exterior part of watches and prefer made from the plastic or cheaper finished wood.

Extravagant – just like other lavish items, the sky just the limit of options as well. The winders have the heaters to keep your watch stay close with the body temperature, built-in storage, and the time displays were some esoteric features which available on high-end winders.

If you are a collector and want to purchase watch winder box, then do not change yourself by cutting off to the winder that only can hold one watch. At least, you can consider one the single-unit watch winder box with the optional two-watch heads as well.